Interior DesignMy wife and I purchased a 1940s rancher that desperately needed a kitchen, dining room, and living room remodel and we wanted to utilize the services of a designer. This was the first time we ever entered into a kitchen remodel. In addition, we were anxious as to whether Ms. Oda could transform our space. The space was dark, small, and claustrophobic. We were really thinking buying this home was a mistake.

When we first met Ms. Oda, we were not sure we could match our ideas with Ms. Oda’s ideas. We knew that she specialized in Zen spaces and we did not see the concept we wanted in her previous projects. We sent her some ideas and she assured us that she could use our concept. She was extremely open to our ideas and the plans she presented to us were pretty much what we had in mind. We suggested very few changes.

My past experience with remodel projects was that logistics and cost certainty was always an issue for us. Ms. Oda promised us that she would take care of all the logistics she would try to deliver on budget. She followed through on managing the process and took care of the hassles. Aside from a few add ons that were identified during the permit process or that we requested the budget came in pretty close to what we expected. Ms. Oda was sensitive to our need to stay on budget.

The place looks great. She assured me that we would no longer feel claustrophobic in the space and she was correct. Ms. Oda has an incredible ability to visualize the end results of a project and our trust in her was rewarded. The transformation was incredible.

Sean T.



Interior shoot for Yoko Oda Interior DesignWe’ve never worked with a designer, and we were very hesitant starting our project. From the beginning, Yoko made us feel comfortable and in good hands. She literally took us through the project from start to finish (with the exception on the audio/ video elements). All we had to do was provide ideas of our preferences and budget, and she drew up the design, hired and oversaw the contractors/ workers, and fielded any of our questions and concerns, working closely with us to meet our desires while staying in the budget. She did all of this without creating or increasing any of our worries. She introduced us to most of the workers when they first started, and then they would show up and do the work. They were generally on time, respectful and responsive to our concerns. Yoko would show up regularly to see how they were progressing, check their work and note and take care of anything that wasn’t done correctly.

We were also very impressed with how close to the initial schedule the project proceeded. We started discussing ideas in August and we were completely finished by December. People talk about remodeling nightmares regularly, and we were all geared up for troubles, none of which materialized. We are are already talking about doing another project with Yoko.

Some final thoughts. When Yoko first showed us the design board of the room with the lay out, colors and fabrics, we were a little unsure how it would all come together, but we decided to just trust that we had hired a professional for a reason and to just go with it. When the project was finished, it far exceeded our expectations, and we ended up with a room we love but one that we could have never visualized. I think an essential element of this project’s success was allowing Yoko to do what she does without our interference. And, the result is we could not be happier.

Mary V.



Yoko-Oda-Interior-Design_Testimonial-1-Pic1Yoko was very professional and easy to work with. She was interested in finding out the style of master bath I envisioned. I loved the design she created. She was happy to make the small changes I requested. Her general contractor was excellent. He was very considerate and kept me informed as the project progressed. The finished master bath is beautiful and functional, beyond what I envisioned.

Patty B.





Interior session for Yoko OdaLove Love love Yoko. She is wonderful to work with for our kitchen remodel, has great taste, good eye for color and assisted us every step of the way with a certain ease and confidence without arrogance often seen in designers. She cares about quality and tells us straight what something will take, but never pushed us to break out budget which I totally appreciated. I would not take on another interior home project or remodel without Yoko. Highly highly recommend. I wasted a lot of time in the past making “DIY” mistakes & having to re-do or re-purchase items- definitely do it right the first time with Yoko which is how I feel it went with my kitchen; everything looks and feels just right and high quality.

Catrina K.




Yoko-Oda-Inteiror-Design_Testimonial-5-Pic1I felt compelled to share this review as Yoko Oda and her team at Yoko Oda Interior Designs deserve a shout out! I remodeled my kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and updated paint throughout our house, as well as furniture in family room. I will summarize what I loved:

  • For every mini-project, Yoko offered me several options for color, tile, fabrics, fixtures, etc. (unfortunately this was difficult as I liked them all)
  • Yoko kept to my budget, always showing me ways to maximize my remodel dollars (with our savings we were able to do more than we originally thought)
  • Design options and advice were amazing
  • Yoko and her team are efficient: our meetings were well planned out and covered all issues as necessary (no additional meetings or conversations due to forgotten details/issues)
  • We have received so many compliments on our remodel….now I know that it isn’t just me that loves our classy new house look!

I would heartily recommend Yoko Oda and her team, and I have already done so!

Lynn S.